Transition is the most critical period in the life of your Community Association.

Did you know that under New Jersey law, the unit owners in a Condominium are entitled to elect all but one of the seats on the Association's Board of Directors once the Developer has sold 75% of the units? This election, and the transfer of control of the Association from the Developer to the unit owners, is the first step in a process known as "Transition".

Transition consists of much more, however, than merely transferring control of the Board to the unit owners. Transition is the critical process by which the newly elected unit owner Board confirms that the Developer properly constructed the Condominium, accurately maintained the Association's finances, and honored its other commitments to the Association - and Transition also is the time when the Association assures that the Developer remedies any deficiencies in fulfilling those obligations. It is therefore crucial for the Association and its Board to be guided by experienced legal counsel throughout the many aspects of Transition.

At Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina, we have represented numerous condominium associations in all phases of Transition, and our considerable experience can be invaluable in guiding you through this important period.

So, what more then does Transition specifically involve? Transition involves a host of issues, including:

And much more . . .

As you can see, Transition is a multi-faceted process. Indeed, Transition is a critical phase in your Association's life that can significantly impact the long-term financial health of your community, the value of your investment, and your enjoyment of your new home. At Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina, our fourteen attorneys possess the expertise and experience to navigate your Association through the maze of Transition and to fulfill all of your Association's legal needs.

If your Association's Board would like to attend our law firm's free seminar on Transition, which we would be pleased to give at your Association's premises, or if you have questions about Transition or any other legal issues affecting your community, please feel free to contact either Eric Frizzell, Donna Shahrabani or Mary Wynn Seiter by email or by phoning us at 201-612-5200.