Homeowners' Association Law


At Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina, we possess extensive experience in representing homeowners’ associations throughout New Jersey. We are quite familiar with the New Jersey court decisions and statutes which govern homeowners’ associations, and we understand the subtle legal distinctions between homeowners associations and condominiums. We also have considerable expertise to guide homeowners’ associations through the difficult but crucial process of Transition from developer to homeowner control of the association.

But a homeowners’ association often needs more from its attorney than simply a knowledge of community association law, because numerous other areas of the law may impact an association. Our attorneys have substantial experience in those important related areas of the law, such as commercial law, litigation, collections, corporate law, the negotiation and drafting of complex contracts, zoning law, labor and employment, and commercial and residential real estate development. We take pride in the well-reasoned counsel we give to homeowners’ association Boards across a wide variety of legal disciplines, providing services such as:

Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina can provide you with the thorough, experienced and strong legal counsel that you desire for your homeowners’ association. Please contact Eric Frizzell, Donna Shahrabani or Mary Wynn Seiter, by email or by phoning us at 201-612-5200, to discuss how we can make a difference for your association.