At Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina, we have been representing major New Jersey cooperatives since 1991 and have worked closely with cooperative Boards to achieve major goals.  We are thoroughly familiar with the laws that apply uniquely to cooperatives and understand the significant legal and practical distinctions between cooperatives and condominiums.  Our attorneys possess substantial experience in all aspects of representing cooperatives, such as:

  • Refinancing of large cooperative mortgages
  • Collecting maintenance arrears from shareholders, even in bankruptcy
  • Assuring compliance with critical Internal Revenue Code section 216
  • Amending the Proprietary Lease and By-laws
  • Serving as the transfer agent and assuring prompt closings on share transfers
  • Negotiating and drafting all contracts, such as service contracts, and major restoration and repair contracts (roofs, risers, balconies, garages, facade, mechanical systems, elevators, hallway/lobby redecoration)
  • Litigating and defending claims
  • Advocating with governmental agencies on code violations and related issues
  • Opposing development by adjacent property owners
  • Supervising annual shareholder meetings
  • Handling union negotiations and labor matters
  • Guiding Boards in responding to requests for reasonable accommodations made by residents 

If your cooperative corporation is in need of legal counsel or requires a formal second opinion on a distinct issue, or your Board of Directors just wants to talk informally, please feel free to email Eric Frizzell (, David Frizzell ( or Donna Shahrabani ( or phone any of our attorneys at 201-612-5200