Alert: A New Ordinance Enacted by Jersey City Requires Periodic Structural and Facade Inspections and Repairs of Multi-Story Buildings

September 24th, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Eric F. Frizzell, Esq. and Vanessa Pena, Esq. In August 2021, the City of Jersey City recently enacted a new ordinance pertaining to structural and façade inspections of multi-story buildings. The Jersey City Council passed this ordinance in August 2021 in response to the tragic events that took place …Continue Reading

New Jersey Passes Law Granting Limited Immunity to Planned Real Estate Developments for Civil Liability from COVID-19 Damage Claims

July 2nd, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog, News

By Eric F. Frizzell, Esq. and Mary Wynn Seiter, Esq. July 1, 2021 Summary of the new law On July 1, 2021, Governor Philip Murphy signed into law a bill (A4979/S3584) that grants limited immunity to planned real estate developments from civil liability for damages arising from, or related to, …Continue Reading

Update: Summary of the NJ Department of Health’s Revised Standards for Opening and Operating Swimming Pools

May 12th, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Eric F. Frizzell and Aleksandra Tasic, May 12, 2021 The New Jersey Department of Health (“DOH”) has published revised “Pools and Aquatic Recreation Facility Standards” as of May 7, 2021 that apply to community association swimming pools. For ease of reference we will refer to these revised standards as …Continue Reading

Update: New Jersey Department of Health’s Revised Requirements for Opening and Operating Community Association Pools

April 11th, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Eric F. Frizzell. April 11, 2021. As most community association boards know, the opening and operation of community association swimming pools must comply with Executive Orders issued by Governor Murphy and detailed standards issued in June 2020 by the New Jersey Department of Health (“DOH”). The DOH has since …Continue Reading

It’s Time to Enact E-Notice and E-Voting Amendments to Your Community Association’s By-Laws

March 22nd, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Mary Wynn Seiter, Esq. In the wake of the pandemic, many community associations have been in “react” mode, dealing with all the various challenges of the times – and many have not yet enacted amendments to their by-laws to allow electronic notice to members and electronic voting for annual …Continue Reading

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Community Associations – It’s Time to Plan Now

March 15th, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Mary Wynn Seiter, Esq. Electric vehicles are no longer the occasional curiosity on the road – Volts, Leafs, Teslas and many others are increasingly prominent. There are electric Mustangs, BMWs, and even Hummers! Auto manufacturers have already announced plans for their entire fleets to be electric vehicles in the …Continue Reading

Tort Immunity, COVID-19, and Community Associations – Points to Consider

March 3rd, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Eric F. Frizzell. As community associations consider opening their pools and gyms during the pandemic, numerous association boards are giving renewed consideration to the topic of tort immunity and whether to amend their by-laws to provide their associations with the limited immunity against lawsuits for bodily injury that is …Continue Reading

Leasing Restrictions – Can Your Condominium Association Impose Them?

February 27th, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Eric F. Frizzell. For various reasons, condominium association boards sometimes want to impose restrictions or limitations on the leasing of units, such as requiring the owner to use a form lease rider or limiting the total number of units that can be leased in the community at any one …Continue Reading

Basic Legal Requirements for Condominium Associations to Charge Fines, Capital Contributions, Membership Fees and Late Fees

February 21st, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Eric F. Frizzell. February 23, 2021. Condominium associations commonly charge fines, late fees, capital contributions, and membership fees to unit owners. Before imposing any such charges, however, it is important for a board and management to confirm that the association is complying with applicable requirements under New Jersey law. …Continue Reading

Rental Review Fees in Condominium Associations

February 16th, 2021 | Community Association Law Blog

By Eric F. Frizzell, February 15, 2021 Your condominium association charges a fee to any unit owners who rent their unit. Is the amount of the fee legal? In the New Jersey appellate court decision of Chin v. Coventry Square Condominium Association, 270 N.J. Super. 323 (App. Div. 1994), the …Continue Reading