Legal planning generally is not something that people think about on an everyday basis.  Yet having legal counsel can be crucial for individuals and families – particularly when major life events occur that make future planning a necessity, or when something goes wrong and one needs protection and strong, zealous advocacy.

At BFC, we are dedicated counselors for our individual and family clients.  We make sure our clients look ahead to make sure that they’ve taken the appropriate measures to protect the interests of their loved ones.  Our attorneys also take care to guide our clients when they are hit with unexpected claims, losses or requirements.  It’s our goal to make sure that you can relax and take care of yourself and your family, knowing that the legal issues are being addressed with strong, pragmatic, and economical counsel.

We can:

  • Counsel and represent you on traffic, speeding and municipal tickets
  • Represent you and your interests when purchasing or selling your residential property
  • Guide you in the marketing and sale of your small business
  • Advise you in the care and protection of your elder parent
  • Draft and negotiate contracts with vendors and service providers of all kinds
  • Provide advice and counsel on disputes with contractors doing work in your home or business, including litigation if required
  • Plan for your family’s protection and future, including estate planning, trusts and other vehicles to safeguard your loved ones and assets
  • Advocate for you in insurance disputes with your insurance carrier

To learn more, please contact Donna Shahrabani (, Mary Wynn Seiter (,  David Frizzell (, Cheryl Siegel (, John R. Middleton, Jr. (, or David B. Joyandeh  ( or phone us at 201-612-5200.