We are here for You

March 17th, 2020 | Community Association Law Blog, News

To all of our clients and colleagues, our law firm wants you all to know that we remain available to assist you on all legal matters. All of our attorneys are working remotely, and diligently monitoring incoming emails, so that you can promptly reach us, as usual, by emailing any of us. Our attorneys and paralegals are staying in frequent contact with one another throughout each day to coordinate necessary support for you. We are giving top priority to responding to your questions and concerns about the numerous issues that continue to arise with regard to dealing with the coronavirus, particularly for our many community association clients.

We are committed to maintaining during this crisis the same high level of service to you, our valued clients and colleagues, that we always strive to provide in normal times.

To expedite our reply to you, we recommend that you email us rather than phone us. Just to make sure you have our attorneys’ email addresses, we are providing them below. They are also available on our website, www.lawnj.com:

Robert Buckalew – Rbuckalew@lawnj.com
Eric Frizzell – Efrizzell@lawnj.com
David Frizzell – Dfrizzell@lawnj.com
Donna Shahrabani – Dshahrabani@lawnj.com
Cheryl Siegel – Csiegel@lawnj.com
Mary Wynn Seiter – Mwseiter@lawnj.com
John Middleton – Jmiddleton@lawnj.com
Laurie Rollins – Lrollins@lawnj.com
David Joyandeh – Djoyandeh@lawnj.com
Aleks Tasic – Atasic@lawnj.com
Susan Lee – Slee@lawnj.com

Please follow all recommended precautions to protect the health and safety of yourself, your family, building staff and everyone else during this difficult time.

From All of Us at BFC.